Tracy Bayne is LA based artist who creates abstract contemporary art inspired by her own floral photography.  "I feel my artworks are lively and filled with explosions of color and movement infused with spirit and energy".  Her early education was always a very artistic self-taught journey into finding art and beauty in everyday life.  After high school, Tracy left home in Denver, Colorado to travel throughout Europe and Asia modeling, however she always spent her off time exploring art museums and the unique architecture of each city.  After modeling, she was called to go into costume design/wardrobe and took classes at the legendary Otis Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles.  Tracy had a successful careering wardrobe where she worked with acts such as Michael Jackson, Val Kilmer (The Doors).  While on set, she photographed/documented her work.  This led her down the path of photography.  After 10 years of shooting mainly beauty campaigns, her life took another shift into retouching, working with the likes of Francois Nars, David LaChapelle, and Herb Ritz.  It was during this time while expanding her studio that her love of  architecture came to light.  She went on to design and build multi-million dollar homes in Southern California, creating spaces that truly spoke to what the clients wanted.

Fast forward to 2020, when the world rocked everyone with a global pandemic.  It was during this time that she decided to follow her love for painting through the encouragement of friends.  It felt like a necessity for her during such an uncertain time.  She wanted an outlet that would allow her to focus on the optimism of everyday life, without focusing on the negative.  Tracy's work is infused with spirit and energy and she hopes that each piece is interpreted by the collector in its own way to bring them a sense of hope and joy.

“Painting is a gift for me, crazy to think that a global pandemic would actually give me a gift I didn’t realize I needed until now. I simply create. All of my life has been about creating - whether it be film, materials for building a home, or now…  A canvas.  Creating is the essence of life.”